"This is what all chiropractors should be like!"

They were able to get me in same day I called. He treated me on my first visit and I didn't have to sign up for a treatment plan. This is what all chiropractors should be like!

Travis H. - Indianapolis, IN

"Dr. Chris is different from other chiropractors."

Dr. Chris is different from other chiropractors. Within one or two appointments my neck pain was gone. He didn't try to tell me he could "fix" my asthma by adjusting my back. He really focuses on treating the issues that chiropractic care address best: back pain, neck pain and pain shooting down your arms or legs. There was no pressure to come in for multiple appointments and he wasn't shy about admitting if a problem needed a referral. He's the only chiropractor I've heard of that refers to MD's when needed.

Dan Strunk - Plainfield, IN

"Some people were just meant to be doctors."

Some people are born with talents and skills; others are born with a heart of gold; and some with knowledge but a select few are born with all these characteristics; this is Dr. Chris Sherman.

One day when Dr. Sherman was off, I became very ill and vomited so much that my back went out. I was in so much pain that I couldn't stand straight up. I was very close to developing a debilitating migraine. I called Dr. Sherman and he met me at the office and gave me an adjustment. He was sincerely concerned with my health and recovery. The next day he called to check on me as well.

In today's world, finding a doctor is difficult enough let alone one that is passionate about his work and truly concerned about his patients. Some people were just meant to be doctors.

Jennifer P. - Roachdale, IN

"Thank God for Dr. Chris!"

Thank God for Dr. Chris! He was able to get me out of pain in 2 visits. Then I didn't have to go back until I needed him again 3 months later.

Betty J. - Indianapolis, IN

"Would recommend this office in an instant..."

Having called upon many chiropractic offices in the state of Indiana (over 60 to be exact), I have found this particular office to be one of the few that is completely focused on patient needs and care. Would recommend this office in an instant to other medical providers, family members and anyone looking for genuine chiropractic care.

AA - Indianapolis, IN

"Dr. Chris was able to help me in just a few visits."

I was having trouble in my low back for 2 months and finally my family doctor referred me to Dr. Chris. I was very surprised that he did that and impressed. Dr. Chris was able to help me in just a few visits. Dr. Chris said that a majority of his new patients come from medical doctor's referrals.

Steven B. - Indianapolis, IN

"Awesome Care!!"

Awesome Care!! Dr. Sherman is very caring and professional. He makes you feel comfortable and at ease. The office is calming and inviting. The atmosphere is calming and relaxing. Because I was a returning military member from overseas, I received free care for a year!

Lea L. - Indy, IN

"Feels Good."

Feels Good. The Doctors there are very caring. Was easy to talk to. Gave me excellent care, and made me feel much better. Would recommend them to anyone with back pain.

Sue S. - Plainfield, IN

"I have had nothing but the best care from Dr. Chris"

I met Dr. Chris through my work when he came in to do printing ...at the time I had been a Chronic Pain Patient for around 5 years due to a car accident were I suffered 9 herniated discs from. I had been through Pain Specialists, Chiropractors, Therapy, Surgical Procedures and have been on heavy narcotics for pain control for years. I had recently found out I was pregnant with my third child, however the 1st child since my accident and at 3 months was already suffering from the extra pregnancy weight and position of the baby. I was on Medicaid and didn't think that it would be covered for chiropractic care, but Dr. Chris took the time to verify and find out what benefits I had. I was so excited that they did cover the care. So, I started care right away and was so happy I had such a great doctor to care for me during the last 6 months I had left. And then after labor, as all moms know those kids still make a back ache!

I have had nothing but the best care from Dr. Chris and he is always there for me to come in...even if I wait till an hour before to call! In the year and a half I have been going to him, he has been able to help relieve some of the pain I suffer from. I am able to be adjusted a lot better due to the regular care I receive. Dr. Chris is professional, caring, gentle when he needs to be and aggressive when that is called for, dedicated, honest, persistent, personable and most of all an overall great doctor and someone I call my "FRIEND". I am someone that has had many chiropractors through the many years of pain and by far HE IS THE BEST!! I would recommend Dr. Chris to anyone and everyone! I will continue to go to Dr. Chris for as long as he will have me as a patient. Therefore, I hope that you are considering him and will give him the opportunity to prove all I have said about him!

Thank you Dr. Chris for ALL you have done for me, you have always been there when I needed you and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

Jamie J. - Plainfield, IN

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