Physicians Referral

Drs. Chris Sherman and Nancy Nguyen-Sherman, the doctors at America’s Chiropractic Center, attended the University of Western States, formally known as Western States Chiropractic College, in Portland, Oregon; an evidenced based chiropractic school. They were taught to treat people and do things a little differently than the average chiropractor in Indiana. Both, Dr. Sherman and Dr. Nguyen-Sherman, were encouraged to work with healthcare providers such as medical doctors, physician’s assistants, and physical therapists.

After school, Chris and Nancy moved to Indiana and soon realized the majority of chiropractors they had met in Indiana were not willing and did not want to work with medical doctors. These other chiropractors highly discourage people from seeking allopathic medicine to treat illnesses and pain and even discourage people from getting vaccinations.

America’s Chiropractic Center was opened in the hopes of giving medical doctors evidence-based chiropractors to refer to. A physician’s first duty should be to give or seek the best care possible for their patients; sometimes, that means going to see a chiropractor. At America’s Chiropractic Center, the doctors do not believe patients need to be exposed to unnecessary radiation or outrageous long-term treatment plans. Treatment plans at America’s Chiropractic Center are based on clinical outcome measures used to evaluate how patients respond to the care given. Questionnaires such as the neck disability index (NDI) and the Oswestry questionnaire are used on a regular basis.

If you are a health care professional and would like the doctors at America’s Chiropractic Center to evaluate or treat your patient or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact them by phone, e-mail, or simply fill out the referral form and fax it. They will contact your patient to schedule an appointment. They will also send you a treatment plan at the beginning of care to let you know what they find and how they plan on treating them. A narrative report after care is complete will also be sent.

America’s Chiropractic Center is quickly becoming medical doctors’ best west side chiropractic referral for headaches, mechanical low back pain, neck pain, and cervical and lumbar radiculitis!