Military Care Program

Serving our nation is one of the greatest services a person can perform. That is why America’s Chiropractic Center is proud to announce our “Military Care Program”. This program is designed to give any US military veteran returning from overseas deployment to Afghanistan and/or Iraq, chiropractic care at no cost. (The veteran will need to show his/her DD 214 or copy of orders at the first visit for this free service.)

Why We Are Doing It

We are the only healthcare providers in the Indianapolis area, which we know of, that provide this free service for our troops. While deployed to the Middle East in 2008, Dr. Chris Sherman would treat troops with back or neck pain for free in his spare time. (Dr. Chris was not deployed as a chiropractor.) The chiropractic care was very beneficial and greatly appreciated. After returning home, Dr. Chris felt he should carry on this free service back in the states. As an Air Force Veteran, and still an Air Force Reservist, Dr. Chris feels he owes the military for the life he lives right now. That is why we are offering this benefit for those who have put their lives on the line defending our country.

So, if you know of any veteran returning from Afghanistan or Iraq, please let them know we would love to help.

dr-sherman-iraq2 Dr. Chris Sherman Iraq